In 2006 COMEX launched the production of RFID labels and tickets. Up to this date, we still are the only company in Poland fully capable to integrate RFID antennas, chips and polygraphic materials onto the RFID products.

We offer customized label and ticket solutions based on paper or synthetic materials. Outer layers if needed can be protected by UV lacquer or lamination.

We are ready to start unique productions according to customer requirements.



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tel: +48 71 373 75 79 ext.65
mob: +48 604 150 779
e-mail: rfid@comex.net.pl

Universal RFID Asset Label

Universal RFID Asset Label fits in smaller places or on assets. Label utilizes  Frida, original Comex inlay, designed to obtain good read ranges on a different materials.
chip:NXP Ucode7 / Ucode G2iL
face material:PP foil, paper

Labels can be customered by programming and printing text, bar code on printer.

Logistical labels

These are the most ordered labels. Used by automatic identifications systems in the supply chain management.  The main material is white paper, but it can be also pp foil, in addition to that we can print in color.
chip:NXP G2IL, Monza R6
memory:96b or 128b

We produce our labels in two versions with aluminum or nano silver antennas.

In the logistical label, there is an NXP G2IL chip which has a 128b EPC memory. If needed, we can also use other chips e.g. Monza R6.

Per request, we make labels with adhesive for low temperature applications.

Labels for documents and pallets

This label is the best where high sensitivity is needed e.g. in systems which manage documents or for labeling pallets in conditions you need long range detection.  
size:98x17mm, 97x27mm
chip:NXP G2IL, 128b

When the intended usage is with books we can manufacture it whit glue that

RFID hang tags

Due to the rising popularity of hang tags with RFID chips, we are offering clothing labels and inserts as well as pallets hangers.  
size:40x98mm, 100x165mm
chip:NXP G2IL,
face material:paper, synthetic

This group of products is very diverse and can be highly configured by the customer (dimensions, material, or other specific details)

Sports events purpose tags

These days’ sports events cannot be run without any sort of participants identification. We are manufacturing tags with antennas adapted for this purpose.
chip:NXP UCODE7, 128b

Designed by Comex the FRIGG antenna is the best choice for demanding applications. It is also replacing a popular tag Dogbone.

Windshield tags

Specially designed windshield tag used as a highway ticket or in parking systems.  
chip:NXP UCODE7, 128b
antenna:printed, nano silver
face material:PET+BOPP

In this tag an very advance structure is utilized :

  • cutting edge polygraphic technology
  • an optimized antenna for windshield applications
  • the newest UCODE DNA chip with extreme encrypting algorithms

RanTrace- electronic seal

The Ran trace seal is dedicated for securing jewelry. It was designed so with small dimensions it has very long range.
chip:NXP G2IL+
face material:PP foil

It is made with an NXP G2IL+ chip with a special security loop.

  • Specially designed shape: perforated, with small cuts (helps with unsticking)
  • Antenna with a special “mustache” which is a seal breach detector

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