RFID Readers and Antennas

We offer readers and RFID antennas that are selected and tested by us, the leaders of the global market. Each RFID project requires careful selection of equipment. After extracting the client’s needs, we will prepare the optimal set: antenna – reader.
We especially recommend products from the Kathrein company – the leader in the production of antennas, but also the manufacturer of RFID readers.

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Comex offers RFID antennas specifically designed for wide range of applications. Starting with RFID gate and ending on vehicle mount applications.
Rangeup to 18m
Profitup to 13 dBiC
Frequency range865-868 MHz

We recommend Kathrein’s antennas for our RFID solutions. Antennas with a very large range – for very demanding applications – WIRA 30 °. Universal antenna WRA 7070, with a large range, for use in RFID gates. A small antenna with a limited range up to 1 m – MiRa 100 will be used in forklifts. All available antenna models are described in detail in the model gallery.

Readers RFID

Kathrein offers readers for use in every application. From a reader mounted in RFID. Gates to a desk reader. Different generations of readers offered by Kathrein allow for customization to the customer
Rangeup to 18m
Frequency range865-868 MHz
Typereader and reader with an integrated antenna

The new generation of high-power readers from the Kathrein RRU 4000 and 3000 series readers have many practical applications. The Kathrein offer also includes readers integrated with the antenna. The ARU4-ETL-E6 reader with integrated antenna WiRa70 ° is an excellent and economical way to RFID gates. The M-ARU-ETH-E6 with integrated MiRa100 ° antenna for a perfect solution in a forklift truck.


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