RFID tags

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an extremely practical technology that plays an increasingly important role in various industries, from logistics, through access control, to library and archival resources management. It allows for remote reading and transmission of data about objects on which special tags are placed, which are the basis for its operation. The principle of operation of such RFID tags is simple – when the reader sends a radio signal, the tag activates, reads the data from the microchip, and then transmits it to the reader using radio waves from the antenna. This technology is a standard in the identification of people and objects, and in our company we produce RFID tags based on customer expectations.

Types of RFID tags available at COMEX RFID

At COMEX RFID, we offer the production of various RFID tags, such as:

passive RFID tags that do not require their own power source. They are powered by energy taken from the signal sent by the reader. They are often used in supply chain product tracking and management and access control;
NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, which differ from traditional RFID tags because their range is limited to a few centimeters. This makes them ideal for applications where greater security control is required – contactless payments or identification in buildings.

We are specialists in automatic RFID identification, so our offer includes the best systems of this type. Thanks to our unique machinery, we produce high-class RFID tags, including: in EPC Gen2, Mifare or NFC standards, fully consistent with customer requirements. We encourage you to cooperate with COMEX RFID!




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