COMEX - over 30 years on market. Producer of self adhesive labels also  RFID. Integrator of auto identification systems and RFID technology.
RFID Tickets & RFID Labels Standard product line as well as customized, project oriented RFID labels, cards and tickets   From specification to implementation Entire production under one roof – starting from graphical concept study, antenna printing, selected chip embedding and label manufacturing.    


Garment labels

Throughout the world, RFID technology is used for labeling goods, especially garment.

Even in Poland, we can see this technology in shops like Zara or Decathlon. The usage of RFID technology refines the logistical chain; it guarantees that you always have everything in stock. The...

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A short history of Comex, or where are we from, where are we going?

The history of Comex begins in 1987, which went down in Polish history as the beginning of groundbreaking events that were to take place soon. A lot has happened in a country facing the prospect of imminent systemic changes. In January, the government spokesman announced the balance of the July...



RFID labels are more and more common in Polish logistics centers. They can also be seen on products purchased in large retail chains.

Maybe it is worth implementing this technology in your company as well? We have been producing RFID labels for over 10 years. We know this...


RFID hologram vignettes

We have been producing RFID vignettes for many years. Different sizes, with different chips and with different antenna shapes.

In the latest version of the motorway label, we used an additional layer in the form of a hologram foil. The vignettes gained additional protection against...


The new generation of labels series Frida

With the beginning of 2018, we have started the production of our Frida 2 label. In this model, we are utilizing an aluminum antenna with a new and better design.

In addition to that, we exchanged the old NXP G2IL chip to a newer, improved version NXP Ucode7 (compliant with the EPC Class1...


New generation of RFID readers SERIES 4000

KATHREIN presented their new series of RFID readers.

The 4000 series is a new generation of RAIN RFID readers equipped with a 33 -dBm UHF RF high-performance unit for professional identification of data with the use of optional communication modules like:



NXP listed Comex as an official RFID label producer.


We have become thereby a part of one of the biggest chip producers ecosystem for tag producers and RFID


ARMM labelling applicator

Basing on wide experience in selling and servicing labeling machines, our constructors designed and built one. The result of their work is the ARMM applicator. Which was made completely from scratch by COMEX.

The machine has two main parts: a thermo-transfer printer and a flap head on a...


RFID labels for tagging books and documents

In 2016 COMEX successfully (over 3.500.00 labels sold) introduced new RFID label to the market. This paper faced RFID tag is dedicated for tagging court, library, archive – files, books and documents.

Technical parameters:
– RFID UHF ETSI 302-208,
– Resonant...


RanTrace – RFID seal


RanTrace is a RFID seal designed for protecting and monitoring jewelry items – starting from rings and necklaces ending on earrings and glasses.

Its size and dimensions were designed in the way to optimize application and radio frequency operation efficiency. The core of...


New printer SATO RFID

SATO manufactures thermo transfer printers are selling their new innovative printer series CL NX.

Functions that distinguish this model from other ones in the market:

Printer emulation: auto detect- ZPL, DPL, TPL, IPL
3.5” color display LCD
Software in 30 languages...


New Thermo Transfer ribbons


We have added to our offer ribbons for thermo transfer printers. They are branded with our logo, which assures you about the good


Comex RFID labels presented in Embedded World Fair in Nuernberg

Comex RFID labels were presented in Embedded World Fair in


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