RFID HF Labels

We are manufacturing labels and RFID tickets in HF(UHF) technology. As the only company in Poland, we are fully equipped with machines capable of applying RFID inlays into the tag. Wide technological possibilities are allowing for high customizability in terms of size, shape and the type of printing.

The HF cards, tickets or labels are available in the following standards:

  • NXP Mifare 1kb Standard, Mifare Ultra Light
  • NXP Icode
  • NTAG
  • And other per requests


Andrzej Walentek

Product Manager, RFID systems

phone: +48 71 373 75 79 ext.62
mobile: +48 602 786 073
e-mail: a.walentek@comex.net.pl

RFID ticket tags

Most of the currently used tags, cards or tickets are the shapes of a credit card. Ours are made from polygraphic materials (paper or synthetic).

size:54x86mm, 81x154mm or per request
chip:NXP Mifare, NTAG, others
face material:paper, synthetics

We also produce RFID tickets on a roll. They can be used as tickets for mass events. Most of the time its size is 81x154mm, but we can produce other ones as well.


The rising popularity of NFC tags started the production of NFC labels. We are producing them in many shapes and forms.

size:30x30mm or per request
chip:NXP NTAG, Mifare, others
face material:paper, synthetic

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